Contract Machining

Gear Cutters


EMPCO can produce its own gear blanks, and cut them to customers spec from 2" diameter to 108" X 18" face . 



EMPCO has a large variety of manual lathes (Horizontal and Vertical). These Lathes can cut from 1/8" diameter to 42" diameter and 25' long.

Planner Mills


EMPCO has multiple planner mills with various table sizes. These mills can handle large items. Largest table size is 92.5" wide and 22' long

Knee Mills


EMPCO has a large variety of Knee mills with an assortment of tooling to accomplish virtually any task whether its steel, aluminum, brass, nylon.

Gun drills


Our gun drill machines can drill holes from 1/4'' to 1-1/2'' with ease. the max depth of the holes is up to 60'' long.

Key Seater


EMPCO has multiple key seaters with a wide variety tooling. These key seaters have the ability to cut key ways from 1/8" to 2.5" wide X 18" long

Blast Cabinets


With two operable blast cabinets the possibilities of material clean up is endless. We can shoot plastic, sand, glass, and metal shot.

Drill presses


Our numerous full service drill presses make power drilling and tapping a error free process. We can drill up to 6-3/4'' holes.

Surface Grinders


Precision is key in tight tolerance pieces. Our various surface grinders range in sizes and can fit the requirements that you desire.

Horizontal Lathes


Our facility has three large Horizontals from smallest to largest max sizes are 42'', 54'', and 100''.

Horizontal boring Mills


When boring vertical our large horizontal boring mill can perform the task with the max boring capability of 48''.

Horizontal Metal Saws


Our metal saws can cut ferrous and non-ferrous metals with a total diameter of 24''.

Contract Machining/ Machine shop

A video of our 14ft x 6ft Boring Mill cutting a press repair part.