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New Presses

Shown above is a press made for one of the industry leaders in high tension insulators. The press is used to mold plastic composite insulators. The unit includes its own hydraulic system, automatic controls system, and its own ejector table. The press molding surface measures 6.6m in length! This equipment is the only one of its kind in the WORLD.

35" LR x 32" FB, 100 Ton (100T35 Series) Foundry Trim Press. Press trims cast iron castings for the auto industry.

Shown above is a New 12 x 12 - 80 Ton Slabside Press. Complete with Microglogic Allen Bradley SLC 505 and Panelview 550 to control DC Flow(Transfer only), Linear Positioning, DC Pressure Control and Heat Control.

86" LR x55" FB Fiber wood or Fiberglass Slabside Press.
100 Ton Clamp Capacity with self-contained hydraulic system with light screen safety mechanism.

16"x16" Rubber Transfer Molding Press with self-contained hydraulic system and Allen Bradley SLC 500 programmable controls.

36" x 36" French Oil 770Ton Up-Acting Slabside Press.  Complete with Break-Away Cylinders and safety door.  Unit is complete with Hydraulic Circuit and Micrologic 1000 with Microview Display.

Above is an 84"LR x 60"FB, 600 Ton, Wood Fiber Press. This equipment is used in the US auto industry to make automobile ceiling liners. The press is equipped with a self-contained hydraulic system and Allen Bradley programmable controls.


EMPCO engineered C-Frame 74LR x 60FB-150 Ton down-acting rubber punch press.  Complete with Hydraulic and Electric Controller.

C-Frame, down-acting, rubber molding press. Equipment is complete with 36 foot bed, 1,584 Ton clamp capacity.

50" x 200" up acting 3000 Ton Press.  Complete electric controller and hydraulic power unit.


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