Rubber mixing mills

EMPCO is known throughout the world as the leader in new and refurbished mixing, warm-up, cracker and laboratory mills. Our equipment has been sold world-wide (including China, Japan, Mexico, Israel, Canada, and Europe) and EMPCO's well-known commitment to quality, customer service, and dependability keep us at the forefront of our industry. Our mixing mills come with many options, below are just a few we provide. 

Variable speed drive packages

Tilt guides

Nylon scraper bar system

Soft start motor controls

Motorized roll adjustment system

Mill "nip" readout digital readout systems

Drilled or cored rolls

Chromed rolls

Hydraulic drive systems


Production Mills

The EMPCO direct drive increases the life span of this type of mill with smoother operation and greatly reduced vibrations. EMPCO pioneers the low-profile base design, making floor-level installations of all production mills possible. EMPCO is also known for its complete, compact, and efficient designs of mills and their drive systems. Our mills are known throughout industry as some of the most durable and dependable equipment of its type in the industry. Our engineers have designed mills to be the answer to our customer's increasing requirement for high-tech equipment at inexpensive and cost-efficient prices. EMPCO manufactures a complete line of mills from sizes such as: 6"x 6"x 13" up to the largest 30"x 32"x 120".  

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Laboratory Mills

The rubber and plastics industries depend on these maintenance-free versatile EMPCO products. They are furnished with a variation of drives, AC-DC variable speed and dual drive friction arrangements and are available with any required accessories. On the EMPCO lab mills shown below you have the choice of overhead safety bars, the knee-operated bar or both types. The EMPCO lubrication system meets any requirements your milling needs may have: oil cup, force feed or full flood oil for high temperatures. Sizes range from 4" x 4" x 9" up to 12"x 12"x 24" mixing mills. A large stock of used laboratory mills are always kept on hand for your immediate requirements.

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Cracker Mills

Additional Information

Rubber Recycling Mills (Cracker Mills) are available in multiple sizes with various options.


  • Mechanical gap adjustment is suitable for most machine application (hydraulic roll gap adjustment is possible)
  • Traditional mechanical drive is standard (by option hydraulic drive is available)
  • Single speed as standard (variable speed also available)
  • Safety equipment (light curtains, Foot stops, belly bar stops)
  • Electronic digital display readouts for roll separation



EMPCO also keeps an inventory of used Calender's for our customers. Our engineering department can work with your plant engineers to design a new system as well. 

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