Mill & Press Repair

 We are here to help, whether it is a broken down machine that needs repair parts, or are simply look to upgrade. 


We supply all repair parts for any Mill and Press

Repairs can be made by us directly or we can supply the repair parts to you!

MILL Repair


EMPCO can repair, replace, or Upgrade:

  • Mill Frames
  • Mill Rolls
  • Adjusting screws (manual, electric, or hydraulic)
  • Safety Caps
  • Drive and Connecting Gears
  • Mill Guides (Nylon, Brass, Aluminum, Steel, Wood)
  • Lubrication systems (Grease, or Oil)
  • Boxes and bearings (steel roller or brass)
  • Electronics (drives, motors, switches, push buttons, PLC, Etc.) 

We have a large inventory of replacement mill rolls at various sizes

Press Repair

EMPCO can repair, replace, or upgrade:

  • Press Platens
  • Platen Heaters
  • Transfer Tables
  • Rods and Slab sides
  • Reinforce C-Frames
  • Rod nuts and slab side bolts/studs
  • Cylinders
  • Rams
  • Gland rings and packer seals
  • Hydraulics (hoses, valves, pumps, pressure switches, gauges, etc.)
  • Electronics (motors, switches, temp. control, push buttons, PLC, Etc.)

We have a large inventory of various presses and press parts in stock