Mill & Press Repair

 We are here to help, whether it is a broken down machine that needs repair parts, or are simply look to upgrade. 

MILL Repair


Empco can repair, replace, or Upgrade:

  • Mill Frames
  • Mill Rolls
  • Adjusting screws (manual, electric, or hydraulic)
  • Safety Caps
  • Drive and Connecting Gears
  • Mill Guides (Nylon, Brass, Aluminum, Steel, Wood)
  • Lubrication systems (Grease, or Oil)
  • Boxes and bearings (steel roller or brass)
  • Electronics (drives, motors, switches, push buttons, PLC, Etc.) 

We have a large inventory of replacement mill rolls at various sizes

Press Repair

EMPCO can repair, replace, or upgrade:

  • Press Platens
  • Transfer Tables
  • Rods and Slab sides
  • Reinforce C-Frames
  • Rod nuts and slab side bolts/studs
  • Cylinders
  • Rams
  • Gland rings and packer seals
  • Hydraulics (hoses, valves, pumps, pressure switches, gauges, etc.)
  • Electronics (motors, switches, temp. control, push buttons, PLC, Etc.)

We have a large inventory of various presses and press parts in stock