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EMPCO offers a complete line of used "as-is" and refurbished equipment. We search the US and Canadian market to find the best in used equipment for our customers. If we don't have the item you are looking for in stock - we'll find it. That's a promise.

Currently we have an inventory of over 300 pieces of used equipment ready for "as-is" delivery to anywhere in the world. We can also pull a piece of used equipment out of our inventory and refurbish it to your specifications. Call us today to see if we have what you currently require. EMPCO offers the best in used equipment to our customers, we are the most competitively priced equipment SUPERSTORE in the world. Contact us today and see for yourself.

If you are in the market to sell rubber equipment - then please contact us immediately. We purchase entire plants and liquidate all your capital assets. EMPCO has extensive experience in the buying of used equipment in large quantities and has the capital reserves necessary to take on any project you may currently have. Whether it is an entire plant you are in need of selling or just one piece of equipment, please contact us with your requirements. Our sales / purchase agents can help you get the most $$$ out of your equipment.


Below is a partial list of equipment we currently have available.  Please note, when inquiring to EMPCO please refer to the item number shown to the left of the description.

Lab Presses


1. Wabash -                   7" x 10" - 12Ton electric platen, hand operated, 5" daylight.
2. MTP/Tetrahedron - 14" x 14" - 25 Ton, electric platens.
3. 14 Lake Erie            12" x 14" - 30Ton, 2-Post, 12" Daylight.
4. PHI 12 x 12-30 Ton Press system. complete with hand pump high pressure, air for fast close, electric platens, 1/16din temp. digital temp. controllers, sits on table top.  GREAT SHAPE.  AS IS READY TO GO. 
8. PHI                           18" x 18" - 30Ton Electric platens, 12" daylight.
10. Lake Erie                 14" x 14" - 35Ton Electric platens, 13" daylight.
11. Holmes                (2)12" x 14" - 35Ton, steam platens, commercial cylinder.
12. HUNTER                   18" x 18" - 50 Ton electric platen, self-contained hydraulics,
13. Wabash                    18" x 18" - 50 Ton electric platen, self-contained hydraulics,
14. Wabash                    18" x 18" - 75 Ton electric platen, self-contained hydraulics,
15. Holmes                (5)17" x 16" - 75Ton, electric platens, prefill, 4-post press.
16. EMPCO            (3)12" x 12" - 78 1/2 Ton, hot oil platens, central hydraulic system,transfer system.
17. Bolling                     12" x 12" - 80Ton electric platens, 9 3/4" daylight
  Watson Stillman     12" x 12" - 80Ton electric platens, hand operated 12" daylight.
19. Hydratec Injectamatic 16" x 16" - 100Ton Electric platens, self-contained hydraulics
119. Lake Erie                  24" x 24" - 150Ton, self-contained hydraulics, 12" daylight.

Please contact us with your requirements.

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